Here's something that will really blow them away! Print your favourite photos, computer-generated graphics, or hand-drawn artwork on canvas!

It's so easy... we can create canvas art from almost anything: original 6x4 prints (remember that old photo of you and your schoolmates?), your Wedding or Portrait photos, or even your Child's first painting! Just get it to us via email, or on a memory stick, a CD, or whatever, and we're set.

We like to have 3-4 days to print and stretch canvas art, but if you've left it to the last minute, we do have an urgent service for an extra $20.

Picture not quite right? We offer a retouching service, too! This will incur additional cost, but sometimes it makes the world of difference! Cropping and changing to black and white, no extra charge!

Get Creative... why not have the same picture divided up over 3 canvases and have your very own triptych!

Embrace the artist within. Contact PeppaTree today to learn more about Canvas Printing!